Universe Bracelet - 7"
Universe Bracelet - 7"
Universe Bracelet - 7"

Universe Bracelet - 7"

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I've called this the Universe bracelet because the Blue Goldstone looks like the nights sky with the addition of two rainbow moonstones and the properties these crystals have. The moon charm sterling silver. 7" stretch cord with 8mm beads.

(We have a child's bracelet to match this) 

Handmade using as always our ethical, fairtrade crystals. 

Blue Gold Stone

  • Make a wish with this stone, making them known to yourself and the universe
  • Opens the galaxies on your astral travel 
  • Brings you luck
  • A great stone for manifesting 
  • Helps with courage and self confidence 
  • Uplifting, increasing drive and motivation
  • Pushes you towards your ambitions 
  • Deflects negative energies 
  • Aide for those afraid of the dark

Rainbow Moonstone

  • A stone of transformation and new beginnings
  • Helps ease effects during significant Luna cycles 
  • Aids spiritual growth during the full moon
  • Goddess feminine energies help balance hormones & emotions 
  • Calms the spirit 
  • Promotes peace and happiness 
  • Protection as you travel a new path
  • Calms overactive minds 


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