Selenite candle holder

Selenite (Satin Spar) Cube Candle Holder

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Selenite tea light candle holder. Perfect addition to any home giving off a lovely glow.

Widely referred to as Selenite, this crystal is actually called Satin Spar. They are both a form Gypsum but they crystallise differently. 

Selenite is colourless, large, flat and transparent and is herder to find than Satin Spar. Satin Spar is more fibrous, milky and opaque with visible lines. 

As both are forms of Gypsum they have the same healing properties which are listed here:

  • High vibration giving you lots of energy
  • Cleanses & purifies the environment
  • Clears negative energy
  • Helps to self cleanse
  • Shield from outside influences
  • Bring mental peace
  • Opening connection to the angelic realm 

Chakra - Crown
Zodiac - Taurus
Planet - Moon
Element - Air
Water cleansing -NO
Sunlight - Fades in direct sunlight 


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