Chrysocolla - Nambia
Chrysocolla - Nambia
Chrysocolla - Nambia

Chrysocolla - Nambia

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Chrysocolla is regarded as a very peaceful and protective crystal. A popular gemstone that resembles turquoise with it's lovely bright shades of blue-green.

As well as being a peaceful and protective stone Chrysocolla holds many other properties:

  • Stimulates creativity 
  • Balances earths natural energy
  • Promotes harmony, meditation and communication
  • Helps revitalise lacklustre to relationships
  • Helps mend a broken heart
  • Promotes truth telling and impartiality
  • Encourages self awareness and inner balance 
  • A supportive crystal for stay at home mums or those working from home lifting depression or anxiety stemming from a sense of isolation

Chakra - Throat, Heart
Zodiac - Taurus, Gemini, Virgo
Planet - Mercury
Element - Water
Water cleansing - NO

1x Chrysocolla crystal
Height 1-3cm 
Width 3-5cm

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