Buddys Rainforest Rescue

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Buddy's Rainforest Rescue sends you on a lively treetop rainforest adventure amongst the trees, vines, colourful birds and insects Buddy the orangutan calls home. Brave Buddy gets more than he bargained for when battles the noisy yellow creatures destroying his home. All the Wild Tribe Heroes books are signed by the author.

The Wild Tribe Heroes books are a little different from your normal children’s book.  Not only are they great children’s books in their own right but there is also a powerful message behind each story passed on in a gentle way. Children and adults alike will love these books and feel inspired to make positive changes to their own lives and their communities.

Follow the incredible true story of this brave orangutan as he fights to protect his home and with your help will bring the plight of the rainforests to inspire the next generation around the world. Buddy's Rainforest Rescue is an engaging story about the global problem of deforestation and highlights to children the relationship between humans and wildlife. Stunning artwork captures the imagination of young readers and brings to life a very real threat to our forests. Buddy's Rainforest Rescue is based on true events and it is this powerful message which invites children and adults alike to question the impact of deforestation and palm oil on our environment. With teaching ideas and activities which reinforce the story, Buddy's Rainforest Rescue is a book which will inspire children to make changes to the world around them.

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